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South America

Summing up of South America

Our experience of South America and a few things we will miss ...... or not!

Realisations and obsevations
1. Dogs rule South America. Dogs are everywhere! Every street is owned by a dog or two! They chase cars, bark at everything in site including us.
2. Buenos Aires has dog poo everywhere! Two squeezes of the hand meant 'dodge the poop'!
3. Bus drivers are kings of the road. They are faster than any car and they are the best means of transport (the seats were like beds and food and drink served to you!). We became bus nerds checking out each bus!
4. Family comes first. Not work and money. Each night most houses have big family gatherings outside their houses, eating and drinking with family and friends.
5. South Americans enjoy kissing! Everyone kisses upon meeting, even if for the first time. Men too! Rob didn't take part.
6. Every new courner is a photo. It must be the most diverse beautifull country. From beach, lake, mountain, and glacier to cities, streets and plaza's.
7. Vast open spaces We would travel for hours and not see any means of life, human or animal. Huge areas of desolate land.
8. South America is huge! A 24 hour journey just became too easy!
9. Electrical wiring is not exactly the best! Hundreds of low lying wires from one building to the next. La Paz was the worst case. We felt sorry for the electricians.
10. Argentinan Steak! Nothing will beat it.
11. No cultural diversity. For example, Argentina only had argentinians, Peru only peruvians, etc.... We only saw 1 coloured person during our 3 months.

Odd things!
1. Argentina is obsessed with pizza and ice cream! Where did that come from! The ice cream lovely, the pizza disgusting!
2. Everyone in short. Robs head had a battering on many door frames!
3. The number of peruvians wearing black bowler hats! huh
4. Most streets were named after a town or city
5. Never any traffic jams

We will miss
2. Hot chocolates in La Paz (a whole choc bar in hot milk! - Submarino)
3. Cheap beer and wine
4. Cheapness in general
5. Empanadas - like cornish pasty's but with bread like outside and yummy fillings.
6. The combination of amazing landscapes and beautifull people.

We will not miss
1. Cheese and ham sarnies
2. Dulche Leche - toffee spread with everything and in every cake!
3. Bread - like pastry
4. POO BINS! Sorry if we continue to do this at home!

Classic quotes
"The tide is coming in" - while sat by lake in Bariloche - Em

"I'm not coming any further, my bum is starting to twitch" - Walking high on the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu - Rob. Yes Emily did walk alone to take the pictures!

"We would get a good sun tan if we stayed here!" - while sat inside a cafe on the inside of the glass - Rob (remember he has worked for many years in the light industry!)

"Can I have la quenta por favour!" - Mixture of english and spanish commonly used by Em and Rob when asking for the bill

"I shouldn't have eaten all that...........I feel sick........I fancy something sweet" - Em after most meals eaten!

Goodbye South America, you were amazing....we will be back!!!

Posted by robandem 07:50

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