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Fitz Roy

El Chalten

snow 15 °C

We listened to everyones recomendations to come for El Chalten from Calafate. Unsure of what else to do we got a bus north to the small quiet town to do some form of hiking or in our terms, a stroll!! Once again we arrived in wind and rain. So much for following the sun!

We eventually found a hostel with 2 beds (extremely small room not big enough to swing a cat with a small set of bunk beds! Rob bad luck was on top!) after a couple of hours of searching.

El Chalten Hostel.JPG

Forgetting that El Chalten did not even have one bank or ATM and the money we had on us was not that much, we needed to find somewhere very cheap to stay. The next morning we got up early, made a picnic and headed off for a long days walk to Lago Los Tres just beyond Fitz Roy.

El Chalten forest.JPG

This must have been the best walk we have done. We past through some amazing terrain and the views were spectacular. After a 3 hour walk with Fitz Roy mountain looking over us and passing by a couple of glaciers, we reached the start of the very steep climb to the top of a mountain to reach the lagoons.

El Chalten Glacier.JPG

The views at the top was worth every minute, every step, every slip and every skipped heart beat as Rob once again nearly goes flying down the hill (that damn weak left ankle!!!! Whatever! more like two left feet! he he). This was the first time we had any snow during our travels so Rob decided a snow ball in my face would be good. Bad luck as it hit the old lady behind me! Yes the poor woman recieved the blow rather than me. Classic!

El Chalten..p clime.JPG

First lagoon we reached was half frozen. We had been informed that a couple of days before we arrived the weather had been terrible and freezing cold. Good for us as it made the photograph fab!

El Chalten..en lake.JPG

After another short climb over the second hill we reached another lagoon. The lagoon was a deep blue colour in contrast to the snow covered mouantins behind. Once again a picture doesn´t quiet give the view you have when your there.

El Chalten Los Tres.JPG

A quick snack of the usual choclate and a few cheese sarnies we headed back down the mouantain and started the 4 hour walk back!

Once we reached the bottom we counted out the pennies and just about had enough for two large pepper cover steaks (Rob in heaven again!).

With no money left we were up extremely early to catch a bus to Puerto Madryn to see some whales - hopefully.

We forgot to mention that on the first night we had bumped into some of the cast of ´Shameless´in a cafe, Fiona Gallagher and Steve, who seemed to be a couple. They had commented on my submarino hot chocolate, but Emily was still unaware of who they were until I told her after they had left!!!

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El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier


semi-overcast 18 °C

Alter a long flight from Lima we arrived in Calafate airport! The first thing we noticed was the gale force winds and the lovely fresh air! On the way to the town you drive along a massive blue lagoon which the town is next too. The town itself is lovely, quite compact and based along one street with loads of cool little shops and restaurants, oh and chocolate shops selling flakes the size of my hand!

We booked ourselves into a hostel, and headed straight for a steak house as we had missed the Argentinian meat. We were not disappointed, but as well as steak we had some amazing lamb…………I LOVE ARGENTINA AND MEAT! Once again Em felt too full and we had to order something sweet! Oh my mistake she made me order something sweet!

The next day we went for a walk and picnic along the lagoon, which was made slightly difficult by the gale force winds, but hey it was sunny!!! We then headed into town to find out prices of a hire car…mmm I wonder if you can rent Corrado´s here! We had heard it was cheaper to hire a car for the day rather than jump on a tour to see Calafate´s main attraction – the ´Perito Moreno Glacier´. So we booked our car for the following day, a VW Gol, which is a cross between a Golf and a Corrado, but with no build quality!!!! But hey I was going to drive again…just on the wrong side!!!

Peurto Morino Glacier

This was a good hours drive from Calafate, and were really looking forward to seeing it.
We were not disappointed, as we rounded a bend it came into view, it was massive!
Calafate distance1.JPG
We had decided that instead of driving to the typical view point in front of the glacier, we would park the car on the other side and walk around to the glacier, and therefore get a different view and have a nice walk!
Calafate size1.JPG
As we neared the Glacier the sheer scale of it was impressive and not easily conveyed through pictures. What we didn´t expect was the noise from the glacier, the constant cracking and creeking coming from it was amazing (it moves forward 2metres a day!). We hoped we would see a piece fall off into the lake, and we were lucky as a huge slice sheered of into the lake, producing a large wave which crashed into the shore!
Calafate b..ng off1.JPG
We had never seen a glacier before, but we were both totally in awe of it, and could have spent hours just watching and listening.
Calafate glacier2.JPG
After a bit of late lunch we headed back to Calafate as the weather closed in, but with the feeling that we had seen one of our favourite sites so far on this trip!
Calafate us1.JPG
I think we are both going to love Patagonia!

The following day we headed north for El Chalten.

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3hrs in Lima!

semi-overcast 18 °C

We arrived in lima at 5pm and our flight left at 9pm so it gave us a few hours to kill! We headed for one of the main squares and a football themed bar, with life size models of famous football stars!
So we sat down and had a few drinks with Maradona and Ronaldinho.
Lima pub.JPG
Em was rather taken by Maradona!

Lima pub2.JPG
I had a hard time convincing Ronaldinho that he should come to Brighton and Hove Albian and play for free!

After a great meal we headed for the airport. On arrival it made Em´s day by finding english magazines so we proceeded to by quite a few. Adios Peru!

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Nazca Lines

Maverick and Goose!

sunny 20 °C

With the Nazca lines we were unsure what to expect, we initially werent going to bother but had met quite a few people who had said it was worth the trip! And it was only 25pounds each for the half hour flight over the lines! After a 2hour bus journey we arrived, and soon realised Nazca had zero to offer apart from the lines so we booked on a flight within the hour. We would be going up in a small 4 seater Cessna plane, which was all good apart from the rather high winds, but me (Rob) assured Emily it would be fine.
Nazca plane.JPG
However as soon as we got buckled in we were handed sick bags just in case…..I immediately put mine away as I was never going to need it!!!! Doh!
The first 15 mins were fine, we flew over the lines which were ok, much smaller than we imagined and not really that interesting, but the flying was cool…..could have done with some top gun music in the background!!
Nazca alien.JPG

Nazca whale.JPG

But then I began to feel sick and after that nothing really mattered apart from landing as soon as possible. After our flight, Emily looked particularly smug at my slightly grey colour I had turned, and we boarded a bus to Lima…We were going to stop at Pisco on the way up to Lima but had managed to move our flights forward and we were really looking forward to heading down to Patagonia!

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sunny 27 °C

Not impressed with Arequipa we headed for the coast and a small oasis town called Huacachina (close to Ica). The oasis is known for the sandboarding and sand buggying. Huacachina town surrounds a lagoon and is positioned within huge sand dunes.
It was extremely hot so Rob and I decided it was time to try tan the white pasty bodies (or maybe i should say burn)!

We also found the holy grail of places to eat!!! Somewhere that sold marmite on toast!!! The owner who is british goes back home to get regular supplies, we tried to buy some of her she wouldnt sell. We have missed it so much and needless to say we went back for many rounds.

That night we booked onto a sand buggying and sand boarding tour during sunset. So the next day we joined our group of 8 people and headed to the sand dunes in a metal framed buggy with a tuned up toyota engine which sounded great! Seat belts were supplied but if we were in the UK full body protection would be required!!
Huaca buggy.JPG
As we sped into the dunes we began to realise that our driver was a bit of boy racer, we literally flew over the dunes, and went down/up some near vertical drops! It was wicked!
HuacaSand dunes.JPG
When we got to the dunes, trying to actually stand up and board down was impossible so everyone resorted to lying face first on the board which was much more fun!
Huaca sandboarding.JPG
It is incredible how sand got everywhere, and we mean everywhere!!!!
Huaca sunset.JPG
It was a great afternoon, and we slept like logs that evening only to be awoken by everything shaking, and realising that we were in the middle of an earthquake! It only lasted a few seconds and soon went back to sleep!

We also noticed that the Peruvian Lamborghini´s were slightly different to the ones back home!
Huaca lambourgini.JPG

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