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Iguazu falls

....and the rain follows us again!

rain 20 °C

Only a few days spent in BA and we wanted to get out of the big city and see some senerey so we headed for iguazu fasll. Well following an 18hr luxurious coach ride with complimentary blankets, pillows, food and even champagne we arrived in Iguazu falls.....and so did the rain!

We booked into a hostal and checked out the town which took all of 3 minutes! The town itself was not that pleasant but we were here to see the falls. The next day we were up early and took a bus to falls. We paid over twice the price as the argentinians but still it was definalty worth the total of 6 pounds! The park was huge with many walking and trekking routes to see all the the falls. We headed straight for the most spectacular fall, ´Devils Throat´! We can not explain the feeling we had when walking to the falls and hearing the thundering crashing of the water and not being able to see it - goose pimples doesn´t even get close.
Devils Throat.JPG
Eventually we arrived at the edge of the falls, AWESOME! The sheer size and power was overwhelming. For the rest of the day we walked over the many bridges, through dense forest and explored all the fals the argentinian side offered.
Iguazu falls.JPG

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La Boca Juniors

Beunos Aires


Ok its been a while, so we are writing this in Bolivia!

On our second day in Beunos Aires, we strolled around the city and checked out the japanese garden!! At last we had some sunshine! We looked around their Palemo Soho district which was just like Soho in the London, amazing shops and local markets. I (Emily) bought some sunglasses (well i resisted for so long to not buy anything and eventually I caved in), everything is so cheap here!

That night we checked out one of the famous steak restaurants and oh my god what a steak! This was proably the most expensie dinner we had but i was worth every penny.

Em´s steak.JPG

BA is a very european city. Many friendly faces,loads of travellers and SO CHEAP! We will be definately coming back if only to take advantage of the shopping.

The following day, under strict instructions from my brother, we managed to get tickets to go see La Boca juniors play! What an experience! After a pizza and beer with the rest of the group we headed for the match with the masses of supports in their blues and yellow shirts. It was a huge event. The stadium a massive concrete block, not sure safety crossed their minds when building the stadium!

La Boca stadium.JPG

The match was fantastic, a little intimidating at times but i think they have the best football chants ever, there were no supporters for the other team (hmmmm not surprised), and best of all they won 2-1!! Liverpool and Man U would stand no chance!!

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Carnage on the first day!

The beginning - Beunos Aires

semi-overcast 16 °C

We arrived in Beunos Aires at 10.00am yesterday after a 17hr trip! The hostel we had booked had arranged a taxi to pick us up from the airport, and true to their word a chap was waiting - not best happy! After his quick rant in Spanish about our late arrival (we think!) it dawned on us that we really should have learnt some of the language!! Perfect start.
So we arrived at the hostel ready for a nice hot shower. I(Rob) thought I would book somewhere nice for the first few nights of our journey!! Ah well I did try (thankgod we can giggle through most situations)! Its very basic, and has walls as thin as paper but on the plus the people here are very friendly and helpfull. We thought we would repay their kindness by flooding our room and their entire hostel while we enjoyed the long awaited hot shower. Little tip! - don´t put the slip mat over the drain and then complain that the drain is blocked. Once again, a perfect start!
That afternoon we spent wandering the streets of BA, dodging the dog poop, and soaking up the ....... rain!

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Still in the UK

Leaving doo


This is a good excuse to test whether our blog works and to thank everyone for coming on friday. It was a great night, from what I can remember and thanks to u guys who bought me the absinthe!!! You know who you are, and I'm sure the toilet attendant who I puked over will want to thank you too!!!
Take care and we shall see you all soon.

ron and em 3.jpg

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